Employee Dishonesty Coverage (Fidelity Bond)

Employee Dishonesty Coverage (Fidelity Bond)

Every insurance company, regardless of size, faces a loss from the acts of dishonest employees. Sometimes the effects are not felt or discovered until it is too late. Fidelity losses not only affect the insurance company’s bottom line, they could have an affect on your policyholders.

Benefits of Insuring

  • Proprietary Bond form designed to fit the needs of Mutual Insurance Companies
  • Asset protection from the dishonest acts by employees
  • Financial strength and security from one of America's longest fidelity bond writers and rated "A+" (Superior) by A.M. Best Co.
  • Exclusive pricing for mutual insurance companies

Coverage Features of the Fiduciary Liability Insurance

  • Single Page application for companies with less than 60 employees
  • Single loss limit of liability with no annual aggregate
  • Omnibus Named Insured language conforms easily to fit the structure of Mutual Insurance Companies
  • Claims preparation expense coverage of $25,000 with no deductible
  • Knowledge and Discovery period expanded to occur only when a senior manager or official is made aware of the actual or potential loss

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Fill out the PDF application (under 60 emp.)


Fill out the PDF application (over 60 emp.)

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